Resources for CoderGirls

There is a wonderful organization in St. Louis called LaunchCode. This non-profit helps get people with IT and developer talent into internships with local companies. LaunchCode started a group for women in St. Louis called CoderGirl. As a SQL Server professional, I would like to mentor CoderGirls who have mastered a programming language to help them learn more about SQL Server. Since I can’t attend every weekly meet-up, I am making recordings. This will help me scale and reach more women who would like to learn SQL Server.

New to SQL? Start here…
Online SQL class for newbies!
Online SQL Server Labs
Set up AdventureWorks database
Get Around in SQL Server
Use Configuration Manager to stop or start SQL Server
How to use SQL Server Management Studio
Writing Queries Part 1
Hello world and simple select
Write a simple select statement
Why use square brackets?
Sort your results
Problem Set 1
Writing Queries Part 2
Filter your results
WHERE Clause deep dive (March 25, 2015)
Indexes (April 22)
Problem Set 2
Writing Queries Part 3
Working with NULL
Problem set 3
Writing Queries Part 4
Joins Part 1: Inner Joins
Joins Part 2: Outer Joins
Left outer joins code
Problem Set 4
Writing Queries Part 5
Aggregate queries
Code for Aggregate queries
Problem Set 5
Writing Queries Part 6
CTEs and UNION queries (June 10, 2015)
Code for CTEs and UNIONS
Problem Set 6
Writing Queries Part 7
Working with Temp Tables
Manipulating Data
Problem Set 7
Meeting Presentations
Stored Procedure Code
Blocking and Deadlocking
Aswhina’s Oracle SQL Presentation
Aggregate Query presentation and code

Power BI Download
What is business intelligence Presentation
SQL Server Reporting Services Basics
Ryan’s Meta Data Code
Reporting Services Videos
PASS Organization
SQL Server World User Group
Our subreddit
St. Louis SQL Server User Group
St. Louis Business Intelligence User Group
Pragmatic Works Free Training
SQL Server Central Stairway Series
SQL Server Authority
Lots of beginner videos
How to become a real world DBA
SQL Server Administration
Administering SQL Server Jumpstart
Database fundamentals






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