Fall SQL Road Trip

Next week, I’m heading out on a road trip to visit four user groups. If you happen to be nearby, please consider joining one of the meetings!

On October 8th, I’ll visit the Capital Area SQL Server User Group, East Greenbush, NY, to talk about T-SQL Windowing Functions. The next day, I’ll explain Execution Plans to the Tech Valley .NET User Group in Latham, NY. Before leaving the Northeast, I have one more stop at the SeacoastSQL User Group in Manchester, NH, to talk about Azure Machine Learning on October 10th. Heading south, I am visiting Nashville, TN, for #SQLPALOOZA Part Deaux! to present Azure Machine Learning. Before heading home, you can find me at the Columbus, GA, SQL Saturday where I will give two presentations: T-SQL Windowing Functions and Azure Machine Learning.

Wow! That is six presentations in as many days. See you there!

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Azure Machine Learning 101

I just wanted to let you know about a free webinar I’ll be giving as part of Redgate’s SQL in the City Streamed on September 5th. You can register here. The theme is “Adapt and thrive as a data professional.

The tech world is changing fast, and one of the hot careers of the future (and present!) is data science. Many of my friends in the Microsoft data platform community are learning new skills, like Python, R, and machine learning. Even if you don’t plan to change careers, these are skills that can help you in your current day-to-day job, but who knows what opportunities the future will bring.

In the presentation, I will demonstrate a cool service called Azure Machine Learning Studio that you can use for free to learn and experiment. This is Microsoft’s “machine learning for the masses” service. You definitely need to understand your data, but this service is an easy way to set up a machine learning model to make some predictions. Microsoft also made the models, once they are complete and tested, simple to deploy. I’ve heard that deploying models is challenging for many teams.

In addition to my session, you will see superstars Grant Fritchey talk about monitoring Azure SQL Database and Steve Jones talk about solving today’s complex challenges in tech. There is also a Q&A panel with the three of us and Rob Richardson, Skillsets for a Successful Career.

Be sure to tune in for these great sessions and more!


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Quick T-SQL Window Function Articles

Even after six years, I am still presenting at user groups and SQL Saturdays on T-SQL windowing functions. I have found that many data professionals haven’t heard about these great functions. Lots of folks are using ROW_NUMBER, but most haven’t heard about LAG, for example. I recently decided to write a couple of articles for Simple-Talk to give a quick introduction.

The first article, Introduction to T-SQL Window Functions, describes each type of function along with an example or two of each. The second article, T-SQL Window Functions and Performance, tells you what you need to know to get good performance when using these functions.

To learn even more, take a look at my book or my Pluralsight course. These functions simplify many types of queries. If you are writing queries for SQL Server databases, the window function feature is worth checking out!


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