Live Blogging PASS Summit Keynote October 29

8:21 Video of community members.

Adam Jorgensen, Executive Vice President of PASS

He will be president as Tom retires.

PASS needs to grow leaders. He is covering the financial aspects of PASS. Revenue is up 10%. Summit is the biggest part of revenue. But, it helps us deliver education programs all year. Attendees doubled since 2007. Events are growing as well. 99 SQL Saturdays in FY 2015.

PASS is a community for all data professionals. 150K members from 163 countries. We cover 86% of the countries around the world.

Our money is spent on many educational community programs. Reserves of 1.14 million. These are earmarked as a rainy day fund, for example a natural disaster cancelling summit.

They will start publishing portfolios of the financials. In 2015, several goals including establishing venue for Summit though 2019. It is in Seattle.

In 2016, there will be a redesign of the website.

Amy Lewis is out outgoing board member. Thanks, Amy!!

8:33 Denise McInerney , Vice President of Marketing

Thanks, Bill Graziano! He has been a member of the board for 10 years. He is retiring as Tom moves into the past president role.

Bill receives award. He is in his kilt.

PASS would not exist except for volunteers. 71 have been nominated for outstanding volunteers since 2012.

The PASSion award! This is the highest award at PASS. 10 people were nominated this year.

It’s Lance Harra!!!!!

Interested in volunteering? Stop by the community zone.

PASS TV has 2 channels streaming. 3K are watching.

New Foundation Sessions.

You can take advantage of SQL Saturdays and virtual chapters. 38 languages!

WIT Luncheon today. Angie Chang will be keynote speaker. VP of Hackbright.

Community Appreciation party tonight at EMP!!

Birds of a feather lunch tomorrow. You can eat lunch with people with same interest.

Speaker Idol continues.

Next year, we are back in Seattle, October 25 – 28.

8:44 David DeWitt and Rimma Nehme from Jim Gray Systems Lab

Rimma — Based on feedback both will do keynote together.

Rimma is appetizer, David is entrée, Rimma is desert (the best part).

IOT, Databases and a word starting with F.

They are not announcing a product. this is only educational.

What is IOT? A collection of connected devices and services that work together to do something useful.

Sensors + Connectivity + Big Data = New services + Optimization.

Two types of IOT. Consumer like appliances or wearable. Industrial, factory, grids.

You can learn a lot from a person by monitoring.

Value from Industrial IOT – unconvential revenue, incremental revenue plus operational efficiency.

4 types of IOT: capabilities. Monitoring, Control, Optimization, Autonomy

We are in the terrible twos of the IOT development.

Why IOT? We are in the peak of hype cycle.

IN 2008 the number of things connected exceeded the number of people on Earth.

The power of 1%.

8:55 David DeWitt

Technical Challenges: variety of sensors, 50 B devices, dirty readings, volume of data, security, offline devices can’t receive message, setup and maintenance

David is interested in the industry side. On consumer side you need a low cost device and battery. On industrial you have money and unlimited power and wired.

One size fits none. One application won’t solve everything. IOT is DIY right now.

The device has a sensor and actuator. In the cloud there is an event/data aggregateor. D2C.

Once in cloud can feed to application, can store for later. can use real-time processing engine. A message can be sent back to device. C2D commands.

Azure IOT – Azure IoT hubs and Event hubs.

Data management — Azure stream analytics, document DB, SQL DW, hdinsight, machine learning.

Visual applications, excel and PowerBI

Real time event monitoring runs over a stream of data.

Azure IOT Hub, cornerstone of Azure IoT

Routes events as they come into devices. Scalable to millions of devices. Per-device authentication. sends commands back to the devices.

You can store events. An event consumer pulls messages and stores them. They can go to SQL Azure, or HDFS, or Azure storage, or DocDB.

Use events to learn. Azure Machine Learning models. Predictions. Use a real time query engine: Azure Stream Analytics (similar to Stream Insight). Apache Storm on HDInsight.

A real time database system is streaming. Query operates over events. A window of a time. For example, look at pressure over last 60 seconds.

Event to action. IDs of boilers with too high pressure to boiler control program that opens the release valve.

He is holding a Raspberry PI. It can run SQL. Field gateway. Sends sensor readings to IOT hub for devices that can’t send signal. For complex objects like smart car with multiple sensors.

The field gateways are processors with memory and communication.

Metadata management. it is not stored in metadata. So, you can’t query it.

Device security. Per-device identities to authenticate D2C. Devices must pull to get C2D commands. Reduces attack surface.

Pushing to the cloud, lots of problems. Connectivity, latency, data deluge, etc.

Exploit the capability of the field gateway to help solve the problems. It is running streaming engine. Install the boiler control program. The events don’t have to go to the cloud. Send only specific info to the cloud and store in Azure.

9:22 Rema

Fog computing. Computing on the edge. Move computation to the data.

IOT is a database problem and networking problem. Not a db-centric problem.

Build on existing Azure services. Vision: Polybase for IOT. This is not a product announcement. We need to ask for this and maybe they will build it.


Declarative language. IoT-SQL? Query the devices like a regular table.

Modeling complex objects

Scalable metadata management – IoT Shell

Querying devices. Execute once, Execute forever. Also Execute Action query.

Execute once is done mostly in the cloud.

Execute forever query, runs over a time window. Execute on device. Push interesting data to cloud.

Execute action, perform on device, push results to clouds.

Multi-purpose querying “multi-sink” query. Results go to different targets.

Why should we care? The amount of data to manage is exponentially going up.

This is their last PASS keynote. They have done 8 keynotes. It is time for new speakers. Rima is taking a new assignment. David is retiring. We will hear about Rima for years to come. PASS keynotes has been a highlight of his career. The community is amazing.

Standing ovation!!

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