Live Blogging from PASS Summit Keynote Oct 28

I will be live blogging this morning from PASS Summit. Check here for updates!

8:21 The intro welcome has started! Welcome to PASS Summit 2015! PASS President Thomas LaRock is speaking first!

This is the 16th PASS! 58 countries 2K companies!

This is SQL Family, our family reunion. Connect, share, learn!

Visit the SQL Clinic to talk to the people who make SQL Server, the best data platform on the planet. (I guess you will be on your own on Mars).

Ryan Adams (Linchpin Teammate) is the newest board member!

8:25 Board Q&A on Thursday at 3:30.

In Orlando 2004, only 1,730 registrations. This year, over 5000. We are here with a desire to grow. Summit is a key part of the journey. The people you meet will help you shape your career.

We love data more than is healthy. But data is the life force of companies. PASS has helped Tom get his dream job.

Volunteers are the backbone of PASS. PASS is the gold standard for communities in the world. We help others before we help ourselves. Get involved!! Check out the community zone to meet people from your chapter and around the world. Connect with us!

8:30 New this year: Workshops! Check out Get to Know PASS with community sessions. Speaker Idol this year!! WIT lunch on Thursday with Angie from Hackbright academy. Birds of a Feather on Friday.

Tomorrow night, EMP, including Karaoke with a live band.


Take time to visit our sponsors! Thank them for supporting PASS!

Tom is proud to be a member of PASS SQL Family


Joseph Sirosh, Corp Vice President of Data platform.

Data used to be linear. Now data is digital and is increasingly in the cloud. 50 million petabytes of data.

Now we are in the age of data.

Video about healthcare. Data from home is collected. Cortana Analytics to look for problems. Patient is reminded of medication, etc.


Use analytics to predict health crises before they happen to prevent heart attacks, etc.

Our DNA is big data. A person is 2 GB of data in DNA.

First sequence of genome took 10 years and too 100 million dollars. Now it costs about a week and $100. In the future, the doctor will analyze your DNA.

He received from 23andMe his genome. They ran analytics on his DNA using R to see risks of disease. He is 3x at risk for prostrate cancer. He knows that so can be proactive.


DocuSign for signing documents. 50 millions uses. It runs on SQL Server!

Eric Fleischman, Chief Architect at DocuSign.

The data doubles every year. That is impressive and scary! After he joined they made major changes including flash storage and upgrades. Tons of engineering changes to app as well. Availability Groups, too.

Original schema had lots of bad choices.

They looked at open source, but SQL Server made more sense. They had the expertise and counted on MS to help. One throat to choke!


Running telemetry system to see how system is running.

They are looking at SQL 2016. Always encrypted is big. They are using 2016 already.


Joseph Sirosh: Engines of Data

Mission critical OLTP, High performance DW, end to end mobile BI, Advanced analytics

SQL Server 2016 has all the pieces. Innovate first in the cloud, then on premises. MS is the only company doing this.  The community has helped make SQL #1.

MS data platform is the Gartner leader.

Video of MVPs talking about SQL Server. Stretch databases, Always Encrypted, R support. It’s amazing!

9:01 Shawn Bice, General Manager Database Systems Group

Companies who embrace data are going to be more competitive than those who don’t. SQL Server 2016 is powering Azure today. They are learning a lot about what works and doesn’t work.  Petabytes of telemetry.

2016 will be the best release in its history. 7 big bets.

Everything is built in, from mission critical to analytics.

Telling story about a light rail system running on SQL. SQL Server is the most secure platform. Runs some of the biggest data warehouses in the world. Mobile BI is built in to SQL Server. The BI will run on all platforms.  In database advanced analytics. R + in memory. R is the choice for data scientists. The language used in medicine and science.

Consistent experience from on-premises to the cloud.

DocuSign had requirements for AG. Those requests will be in 2016. Better compression, parallelism. Easy set up, even in hybrid. Domain joining not required (because of db mirroring). Round robin load balancing. This is used in Azure today.

9:11 They are failing  over daily. A fire in a data center in China caused them to fail over all databases.

Polybase for T-SQL over Hadoop. Create an external table in Hadoop, then use t-sql.

JSON support.

Real-time analytics. Real-time is the ability to learn and adjust as things are happening. Old way has a lot of steps. Now combine in-memory with column store. Use R to add intelligence. R is the language of statistics. Embedded R in SQL for real-time analytics.

9:17 Rohan Kumar, Partner Directory, Engineering

World map with customer engagement. Transactions happening now. Time for a demo!

HP Super Dome. running a proc that is part of the world map process. A single query is fully utilizing CPUs in parallel.

Real time dashboard showing transactions per minute and reward points. Request to see your reward points in real time, not waiting a month. Older way has a lot of moving parts. They are using an updatable non-clustered column store index. No impact against system.

Showing execution plan. It is only touching the column store index, not table. Impact to OLTP queries is very low.

Europe has the lowest transactions, but highest points. What is going on? Showing month over month points. October is sig higher. Alerting system tells something is wrong. Used to detect fraud. They are not pulling the data out of SQL to analyze it. That’s not real time.

Advanced analytics (R language) to avoid pulling data out of SQL for analysis.

Showing script that has R. Can grab the R syntax from anywhere. Tons of algorithms available. It runs fast!

Using this with in-memory and column store is really fast!

9:30 Shawn Bice

Security — lots of new features. TDE is built in. Auditing. Data masking. Always Encrypted.

Man in the middle attacks, reads memory. Hard to detect. Always Encrypted closes that gap.

To set up, run a simple wizard. All encryption happens client side. Master key is client side. Need to use a new ADO.Net library. Replace the data with cipher text. The client app works with SQL for this.

9:34 demo


October was more rewards than normal. Click on the bar graph. Shows Sally Jones has excessive reward points.

Runs query and some columns encrypted. Creating a trace to show that the column is encrypted in the buffer pool.

How to we change existing application to work with this?

Runs a query with data, CC, in clear text. Right-click table and kick off wizard. Choose the columns to encrypt. Can choose if determistic so can be searched. That’s all the DBA needs to do.  Now when he runs the query, the columns are encrypted.

I’m still not clear how existing apps will work with this.

9:41 Shawn

Stretch databases.

Where to put old data that is not needed frequently? Table goes straight to Azure. It’s cheap to do compared to storing on premises.  It’s completely transparent to the app. Compatible with Always Encrypted.

9:44 Rohan

Looking at customers with reward points. Sally Jones has the most reward points. Click to see Sally’s history. Six months of data is on premises, history is in the cloud.

There is a wizard for enabling Stretch on a table. Need to specify the Azure subscription and logical server name. Used Cortana to sign in, 2 step authentication. That was cool. There are many security steps built in during this wizard.

We need two tables with same schema. One is local, one is in cloud. The query against the stretched table takes a little longer. The execution plan shows it as Remote Query.

9:50 End to end mobile BI on any device

SSRS has been completely overhauled! That is news!

9:51 Joseph

Let’s give the team a big hand! Lots of good stuff in 2016.

Innovation for the future. The cloud gives a way to innovate very fast.

Features are built-in to SQL Server. Don’t buy pieces. But, in my experience the good stuff is always on Enterprise Edition.

We are in the age of Data. Intelligent devices will impact our lives. The cloud is making this go faster.

This is the age of the data professional. Woo hoo!

That’s it!

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I am the editor of the online journal Simple Talk. I love talking about SQL Server to anyone who will listen, just ask my seven year old granddaughter. I love to write and teach. I am so humbled and honored to say I am a Data Platform MVP, a volunteer with LaunchCode and co-leader of PASS Women in Technology Virtual Group.
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