PASS Summit Memories

I am leaving Seattle in just a few hours after spending a week here at the MVP Summit and PASS Summit.  I managed to make it to the keynote on Wednesday where some of the features for the next version of SQL Server were announced and to my own session on windowing functions. I think this is the first year that I completely skipped out on educational sessions, but I can always catch the recordings later as needed.  I had good intentions but the chance to visit with my many friends in the SQL Server community and make business connections were much more important to me.

This is my 11th PASS Summit, and the memories of them are all starting to blur together. There are some highlights that I’ll never forget. Here is my top 10 list of PASS Summit memories.

10. Walking all over Seattle, especially to Pike Place Market
9. Parties,  parties, and more parties
8. Learning about new features of SQL Server
7. Participating in the Welcome Reception Quiz Bowl (year???)
6. Speaking at Summit
5. Being a member on the WIT Panel (2009?)
4. Winning the PASSion Award in 2008
3. Attending Wayne Snyder’s presentation “How to Make a Name for Yourself” in 2004
2. Being part of SQL Family

And the number 1 memory of PASS Summits for me is the evening in 2006 that Tom LaRock (@sqlrockstar), Allen Kinsel (@AllenKinsel), Todd Robinson (@DevSQL), and I went out for Karaoke at Bush Garden and began the phenomenon called #sqlkaraoke!






About Kathi Kellenberger

I am the editor of the online journal Simple Talk. I love talking about SQL Server to anyone who will listen, just ask my seven year old granddaughter. I love to write and teach. I am so humbled and honored to say I am a Data Platform MVP, a volunteer with LaunchCode and co-leader of PASS Women in Technology Virtual Group.
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