I’m Climbing the Space Needle!

Many of yomet squareu have seen the Space Needle during trips to Seattle, especially if you have visited during PASS Summit week. Have you ever wondered about climbing to the top instead of taking the elevator? That is exactly what I’ll be doing on October 1st to raise money for cancer research.

Have you learned something about SQL Server from my site? Consider donating to this great cause as I walk up over 800 steps on a winding staircase to the top!

The photo is from a stair climb event in St. Louis.






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My TOP(10) Reasons to Attend PASS Summit

I’ve been attending PASS Summit since 2003 and have missed only one year in that time. This year, I am honored once again to speak at the summit. I have a 2.5 hour session on indexing for beginners. I think that will be enough time to give the audience a good background so that they understand how indexes work and how to create the right indexes.

If you have never attended the PASS Summit, you may wonder what all the excitement is about. Here are my top 10 reasons for attending PASS Summit:

10. Three jam-packed days of sessions about the Microsoft Data Platform by top speakers from around the world.

9. Vendor parties

8. The Community Zone

7. Microsoft teams on site (Bring your questions!!)

6. Rub elbows with your favorite SQL-celebrities

5. The Women in Tech Luncheon

4.  News and announcements from Microsoft

3. Networking, networking, networking

2. Be inspired and energized

And the number one reason to attend PASS Summit:


Just kidding… well, not actually. You can bet that there will be lots of singing going on every night. We have been singing in Seattle since 2006, and it grows every year. And, you don’t have to sing, just plan to have a great time.

Use VC15NKH5 to get $150 off your PASS Summit registration.

See you there!


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Why I Hate GUIDs

Using a GUID as a primary key and or clustering key in SQL Server database tables is a subject for religious debate. Sure, they are unique, but they are also wide which makes your nonclustered indexes bigger as well. Some developers swear by them and will use nothing else.

I have a customer using the uniqueidentifier data type (the GUID of SQL Server) along with NEWSEQUENTIALID to populate them. Most columns of the tables are foreign keys, also uniqueidentifiers, so the database is almost completely GUIDs.

I was really excited to hear that many previously Enterprise only features would be available in Standard Edition starting with SQL Server 2016 SP1. I’m talking about features that I would really love to implement for this customer such as database compression, partitioning, and columnstore indexes. But, guess what, the uniqueidentifiers just won’t work with these features. Ugh. Changing from uniqueidentifiers to integers would be incredibly painful.

So, that is why I hate this data type. The only thing I like is that there are four pronunciations for GUID: gwid, goo-id, G U I D, and my favorite, gooey D.

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